NCL Cruise

By Terri

          Good morning from hot and muggy Southern California.  At this moment I am longing to be back in British Columbia and Oregon.  The weather was cool and crisp, fall was starting to settle in.  The trees were beginning to turn all the beautiful vibrant colors of fall.  I love traveling …

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Calling all Car Enthusiasts

By Terri

    Who doesn’t love cars, especially the classics?  The Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo is another of Los Angeles’ hidden treasures. The museum is located in an old brick building off of Lairport in El Segundo and is worth a visit. The museum is on the smaller side, yet packed with cars.  They …

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An Aviation Day in L.A

By Terri

          I want to share a hidden treasure in Los Angeles with you.  If you are an aviation enthusiast, you will love this not so little gem. If you find yourself in Los Angeles in or around LAX give yourself a little extra time and visit the Flight Path Learning Center …

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Whale Watching in Newport Beach, CA

By Terri

I love discovering treasures in my own backyard and I want to share the latest one with you.  I hesitate for a second, but will.  I just know once the secret gets out, I may miss out on a seat the next time I want to go.

Lyon Air Museum, Santa Ana, Ca.

By Terri

    Are you headed to Orange County, California for a last minute vacation before summers end?  Maybe you live locally and are looking for something to do for a few hours on a Saturday morning, head to the Lyon Air Museum.

Bower’s Museum and Tangata, Santa Ana, California

By Terri

      Are you good about playing a tourist in your home town or area?  I’m not, and I need to do better. The Bower’s Museum is one of those treasures in our area and I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get there. Friends had been recently and recommended going to …

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Travel Insurance, Yes or No?

By Terri

        When you travel, do you buy travel insurance? I guess you can say I am overly cautious, but in checking with my health insurance company, we would have some gaps in coverage if something should happen overseas.  So I do buy it.  But should you?

Bag Storage at the Port in Vancouver, BC

By Terri

          I love Vancouver, so any time I can spend even a day in the city, I will.  Vancouver is an active cruise port, especially in the summer months when ships are in and out sailing to Alaska. We recently sailed into Vancouver and I had booked later flights so we …

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Ketchikan, Alaska by Motorcycle

By Terri

Are you looking for an adventure in Ketchikan? All you need is your motorcycle license and you are in for the ride of your life, it is amazing riding in Ketchikan and exploring the island.           I love Ketchikan, it’s streets lined with shops, Creek street with all of its history …

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On Your Own in Skagway, Alaska

By Terri

Skagway is beautiful, the scenery exquisite.  The town is quaint, but leans on the side of being a bit touristy.  Lots of shops and jewelry shops. There are a few little treasures amidst the shops. Skagway is a normal port of call on most Alaska cruises and there is plenty to do. On our first …

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