Travel Vaccinations and Health Aids

By Terri

    As adults we sometimes forget and maybe we just don’t know that once a decade we have vaccinations that we need to have to protect against illnesses such as tetanus, diptheria and even the flu. It is really important to make sure that your shots are current before heading out to travel abroad.  International …

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Happy New Year!

By Terri

            Happy New Year to you! Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  If so, do you stick with them?  The last couple of years I have started saying New Year’s intentions, as I always intend to stick with them and meet my goals.  This year I hope we all stick …

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Merry Christmas

By Terri

                I want to thank you all for following and reading along this year.  As I close out 2012 and prepare for 2013, one of my New Year’s  intentions is that I write more consistently in 2013. Plans have been made, so I hope you will join me …

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Travel Apps to Ease your Travel Pain

By Terri

                Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Many of you will be heading out during the holiday, either by plane or hitting the highway.  As you prepare to travel I thought it might be helpful to throw out some travel apps that are helpful and do make travel life a …

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Bucket List ~ Galapagos

By Terri

Do you have a bucket list of the things you want to see and do in this world before you leave this world? I believe we all become richer through our travels and experiences.  I apologize for being a bit absent lately, I have been checking a few travel experiences off of my bucket list, from …

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Cruise Month, How to stay safe

By Terri

October celebrates National Cruise Week.  I love to take the entire month and celebrate cruising.  It is one industry that is constantly changing with all of the new itineraries and new ships that continue to launch. Have you cruised before?  If not, why? I love cruising, it truly is that one vacation that I can …

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