Travel Apps to Ease your Travel Pain

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah,

Many of you will be heading out during the holiday, either by plane or hitting the highway.  As you prepare to travel I thought it might be helpful to throw out some travel apps that are helpful and do make travel life a bit easier.

You may have used some of them, all of them and if you haven’t I hope you find a favorite among this list.

1.  iFly ~ tired of boring, long airport layovers?  This app offers a collection of terminal guides and gives you parking information, flight status, and airport restaurants.  You can also search on airport services.  Available on Android, iPad and iPhone.

2.  The Weather Channel ~  Get alerts on severe weather conditions and weather updates every 15 minutes on temperatures, humidity, sunrise, sunset and more.  Available on Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

3.  Google Translate ~ Are you heading out of the country?  Google Translate allows you to translate text in 64 languages.  Available on Android and iPhone.

4.  SeatGuru ~ Airline seats are getting narrower, rows shorter so that most of you sit cramped with your knees to your chest, leaving traveling uncomfortable.  This app gives seating charts to more than 700 flights.  You can find the best seats, by learning which rows are emergency exit, bulkhead, maybe you need a power outlet at your seat, SeatGuru will show it to you.  Available on Android and iPhone

5.  GateGuru ~ With this app, all you need to do is put in your airport and terminal, the app will let you know what services, eateries and stores are near your gate and how travelers rate them.  If you use the app before you go through security, you can find what your options are past the security checkpoint.  Available on Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

6.  XE Currency ~ This app uses real time exchange rates on foreign currency.  The app is free and available on Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone

7.  Flight Track Pro ~  Tracks your flights and notifies you of any delays or gate changes.  Available on Android, iPad and iPhone. The cost is $9.99

8.  AroundMe ~  Looking for the closest ATM, restaurant, hospital, hotel, gas station and more?  The app will tell you how far away each is and will give you a map giving you directions on how to get there.  Available on Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone.

9.  Goby ~  Are you in a town looking for something to do with the kids?  Goby will show you activities available.  All you need to do is enter your location, type the activity you want (such as Family Fun) and time frame you want to search and Goby will list your options.

10.  Open Table ~ Love this app!  If you have no concierge to help you and you need dinner reservations.  Open Table will show you restaurants in the area, ones with availability, hit reserve and your reservation is made.  I have used this app quite a bit while traveling and it makes life just a bit easier.  Available on Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone.  Free

I wish you all a beautiful safe and happy holiday season.


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