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This week is National Travel and Tourism week, so let’s bring it home for some travel ideas.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory of vacations taken with your family?  Most of our vacations were road trips, stuck in the back seat with my brother where we would play games, counting how many different state license plates we could see.  Times were simpler then, it was easy to get away from technology as we didn’t have it interrupting our lives on a daily basis.

Can you walk away from your computer, e-mails, cell phones and just reconnect with your family? It doesn’t take elaborate and expensive vacations to enjoy relaxing and having fun together.  We have so many treasures right here in our own country and it is time to explore them.

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Our National Parks ~ Nature at its best. 

Each park offers its own unique experiences and beauty.  From Yosemite and Half Dome to Arches, hiking the Narrows in Zion to the stunning views in Bryce Canyon, they are all amazing.  Yellowstone with the geyers, hot springs and abundance of wildlife, it is the perfect spot to take the kids.  Glacier National Park is also awe-inspiring.  Spend the day wandering along the Road to The Sun.  Every twist and turn the road makes gives you different views of glaciers and waterfalls, the scenery will take your breath away.


While in Montana, maybe you would like to do a little “Glamping”, (Glamour Camping), now that is my style, the comforts of home, but the great outdoors right outside your door.  You can fly fish the river from the movie “A River Runs Through It,” horseback ride, hot air balloon, ride the zorb down a hill, or sit on your deck with a great book.

Explore the Grand Canyon… hiking, river rafting, finding a fun off-road trail or take the train to the rim.  You will never be bored, there is so much to do.

Immerse yourself in History..

Make your way to Washington D.C.  You can spend days at the Smithsonian museums and still not see it all, see the White House, tour the FBI building, take the subway to Fords Theater.  Spend a day at the homes of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, this vibrant city has it all.  Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston,visit Civil War Battlefields and spend a day at Plimoth Plantation walking with the Pilgrims.  Head to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where so many immigrants came to this country. 

Read a Road Map Day

Pick a state you want to explore, grab an old fashioned paper map and go.  We love to just go and spend a week checking out a new state and what it has to offer.  Get off the beaten path with no plan and see where you end up.  Be curious, you may be surprised by what you discover and the treasures you find along the way. 

I hope I have inspired you to just go and getaway and have some fun.

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