Luggage, Packing and Travel Prep. ~ Part 2


Are you the type of traveler that knows exactly what you are taking on vacation and it fits perfectly into your bag, or do you pack at the last minute?  Do you try to cram it all in because you want choices while you are on vacation?  I tend to want to take it all because you never know what you are going to want to wear.  But I am getting better.

If you are taking off this summer to spend time in a big city for vacation you will pack differently than you would for a camping vacation.  For a city vacation, think simple, chic with a couple of evening options depending on your plans.  Try packing clothes that can be dressed up or down but compliment each other.  Take slacks that you can throw on a jacket and it is perfect for evening.  Comfortable walking shoes are a must. If you buy them new, give yourself enough time to break them in before you go.  Blisters can ruin a trip.  Take comfortable shoes that will work for day and into the evening.  I have a pair of Merrell’s that are super comfortable for walking, yet will work with slacks for dinner.  Women, please re-pack your purse, do you really need everything that you haul with you everyday while on vacation?  Get a travel purse with a wide band that is difficult to cut and one that can be worn messenger style across your body.  It makes it more difficult to grab.

Men, wear a light blazer on the plane so you don’t have to cram it into the suitcase, but take one for evening wear.  Scarves are a great option for women.  They are lightweight and don’t take up much room.  Added to an outfit it can totally change the look.

If you don’t want to lose it, don’t pack it, leave it at home.

Try to fit in and look like a local and not a tourist.

Are you a beach lover and are headed to the beach or tropical destination?  Seems easy enough to pack for, throw in a few swimsuits, flip-flops and some shorts and t-shirts.

Just a suggestion ~ skip  the tacky, tattered and worn t-shirts and shorts with holes.  Aim for lightweight fabrics and classic looks.  Beach cover-ups come in really handy as you can throw them on to head to the beach, or walk through town.  Sundresses for women work really well too for casual days.  Need to dress it up a bit, throw in a nice piece of costume jewelry and you have transformed the sundress for evening.  Men, nice shorts and a collared golf style shirt work perfectly for evening time.

I love to throw in a few large ziploc bags, they weigh nothing, but boy do they come in handy.  You can use them to stash wet swimsuits in the luggage to come home if you haven’t had time to dry them or wash them.  They are also great to put cell phones, ipods and any other electronics in while in the beach bag.  It keeps them from getting wet and sandy.  I throw the sunscreen and bug spray in them too to keep them from leaking in the suitcase.

Sunscreen, don’t forget it.  No matter where you live, once you are on a beach, the sun’s intensity changes and sunburns happen fast and can spoil your vacation.

If I am going to a snorkel destination, I leave just a bit of room for my own snorkel and mask.  Yes, they can be rented at your destination, but I am just a little weird about putting things on my face and in my mouth when I don’t know how well they have been cleaned.

I hope that I have given you a tip you haven’t thought of, or reminded you of something you have already known but forgot.  If you have packing tips that work well for you, please feel free to share them in the comments box.  You will help other traveler’s and myself.  As a travel consultant I work very hard to stay up on the newest trends and information, but I can’t possibly know it all and love hearing your tips and learning from you too.

Happy Packing!!

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