Preventing Identity Theft while Traveling


Identity theft is unfortunately something we all have become very aware of in our daily lives.  For some reason though when we leave home to go on vacation, a lot of us throw security to the wind because we are on vacation what can happen?  Plenty can happen and it does.  Make sure you don’t find yourself a victim.

Today, I am want to chat with you about RFID ~ Radio-frequency identification.  With all of the new technology, microchips are now found in passports and in some credit cards and debit cards.  Handheld RFID reader’s can be easily purchased online and can read these microchips from 10 feet away.  What this means for you is that thieves have these small handheld devices and they can access personal information from you without you even knowing.

They can read the Name, Date of Birth, digital photo, issue date, expiration date off of a passport.  They can get the Account Name, Issue Date, Expiration Date and Account Number from a credit card.

Here is a link to a useful information page found on Travel Smith that explains the RFID technology and shows symbols to look for on your passport and credit card to know if you are at risk.

To keep yourself safe and insure the security of your personal information, you can purchase travel sleeves, wallets and travel purses that will protect your documents from RFID reader devices.

To find these items visit: or

These items are well worth the money and sure give peace of mind while traveling.

On Wednesday, I am going to give you tips on traveling with credit cards, debit cards, insuring internet safety and more.

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