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Luggage Fees

Wow, I can’t believe it is the end of May and summer is just around the corner.  Are you headed out on vacation this summer?  If so, I hope these tips will help you.

Let’s start with luggage…..

I understand the airlines are in the business to make money.  But that doesn’t stop me from being more than a little ticked off every time I see how much money the airlines make just from baggage fees.  If they are charging for bags, then, my bag better make it to my destination. 

A few thoughts on how to help your bag make it and if it doesn’t some helpful tips on insuring the airlines have the information from you that they need to find it.

Always take any old tags off of your luggage, helps avoid any confusion on where your bag is headed once checked.  Put colorful tape on the handle, or tie something bright to the bag.  It will help you find your black bag amongst all the other black bags on the belt.

Before you leave and your bag is packed, take a few pictures of the inside of you luggage with your camera phone.  If your bag is lost it will help you remember the items inside and can be passed on to the airline so they know what they are looking for from the inside out.

Make a list of the contents, leave one copy at home and one in the bag.  Just in case something is missing when you arrive at your destination, it will give you more credibility with the airline and is helpful if you have to turn it into your insurance company.

If you are one of the unlucky traveler’s whose bag does get lost, get the name, direct telephone number and e-mail address of the airline agent you are working with to recover your bag.

Pack your carry-on carefully.  Throw in a few extras whether it is undergarments, socks or a small toothbrush and travel size deodorant.  This will give you emergency items if you have to wait a day or two to get your lost bag back.

Did you recently read the article on American Airlines?  They will soon be giving priority boarding to traveler’s with just a personal carry-on that will fit under your seat.  This new policy will help them board the planes quicker and it starts to discourage people from lugging all of their bags onto the plane.

To give you a better chance of having your bags arrive with you, schedule either a non-stop flight, or 1 stop.  The less your bag is handled, the great chance you have of it arriving on time with you.

If you are traveling to Europe with more than just a backpack and will be traveling mostly by train.  You need to travel light and if you have a bag that has the 4 wheels that rotate you will be a happy traveler.  The trains in Europe don’t really accommodate large bags with just two wheels, you will need to roll your bag sideways down the aisles, so plan ahead.

Join me on Friday for packing tips and thoughts on packing for different types of vacations.

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