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We have covered vaccinations, health kits, passports and visa tips, time to go.  This trip around the world this year could very well turn into a  Planes, Trains and Automobiles kind of adventure.  Throw in some elephant jungle treks, tuk-tuks, cruises, and you just don’t know what you might get.

This week we aren’t going far, leaving California we will head north to Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Canada is the world’s 2nd largest country with 43 National Parks, 958 historic sites and has the world’s longest coastline.

Vancouver is considered to be “The World’s Most Liveable City.”  The city is full of life, vibrant and a beautiful city to walk, shop and explore.

When you arrive into Vancouver, getting in to the city is really quite simple.  Taxi’s are readily available and it will cost you between $16 ~ $25.  Town car’s are available as well for appx. $50.  If you don’t have a lot of luggage, catch the train.  The train will cost you less than $10 per person and goes straight into downtown.  We managed with bags for a cruise, so I recommend taking the train, it is a fun experience.

Downtown Vancouver has some beautiful historic hotels mixed with contemporary and modern properties.  There are several hotels directly across from the port, my favorite is the Fairmont Waterfront.  They will deliver your luggage to the ship for you so you don’t have to schlep it through the cruise terminal.

Vancouver has some great neighborhoods to explore.  Yaletown is one of my favorites, with its cafe’s, brewery and boutique shops.  Yaletown Brewery is a fun place to stop in and enjoy a nice cold drink.  Just outside of Yaletown is a hole in the wall place called Fritz, they serve authentic Poutine and it is truly a guilty pleasure, not for those trying to stick with a diet.  The french fries are hot and crispy with gravy oozing over the top and sides and cheese curds on the top.  They offer different dipping sauces, so be creative and indulge yourself. 

Gastown, the oldest neighborhood in Vancouver with its cobblestone streets, restaurants, boutiques it is fun to explore also.  Don’t miss the steamclock, it is really pretty cool.

Vancouver Island is definitely a foodie destination and worth a visit too.

Explore and Enjoy!

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