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Passports:  If you don’t currently have a U.S. Passport, you really should apply for one. U. S. travelers need to have a passport now to enter Canada, and Mexico.  I have had clients ask if they need a passport for an Alaska cruise, or a Caribbean cruise or can they get away with having the less expensive passport card.  If you are departing on a Caribbean cruise from a U.S. port, the passport card will work, BUT  I don’t recommend it.  If you are to have an emergency and have to fly from an International port, you will not be allowed to do so on a passport card.  So my advice is this, just get yourself a passport, then you will be ready to go when the opportunity arises.

If you don’t currently have a passport, you can print the application online to take with your birth certificate to a passport office near you, the links are provided for you below.  You need to allow  6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your passport.

If you have a passport, check the renewal date.  Many countries will require the passport be valid for 6 months beyond the duration of your stay in their country.  This requirement may force you to renew your passport a bit earlier than you planned.

Before you leave on your trip, make 2 copies of the data and identification pages.  Leave 1 copy at home and take one copy with you to leave in the hotel safe or your bag.  Keep the copy separate from the original in case your original passport is lost or stolen.

For help or online applications, go to

Visa Requirements:

Always check online or ask your travel consultant if there are visas required for your trip, depending on the country you are traveling to.  If you have traveled extensively, check how many blank pages you have in your passport.  Some countries require a certain number of blank pages in your passport after the visa has been issued.  You may need to send your passport in to the processing center to have pages added.

For assistance on Visas, visit

Be prepared and plan ahead to avoid any delays.

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