The Maldives ~ Pure Tropical Luxury

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When you dream of traveling to the Maldives, are your visions of exotic tropical beaches, warm, crystal clear turquoise waters in the Indian Ocean?

The Maldives offer the best tropical white sand beaches in the world.  This is one destination that is perfect for a honeymoon or when you simply want to unplug from technology and life in general to getaway and relax.

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The waters surrounding the Maldives offer fantastic underwater visibility with an abundance of coral and marine life.  There are 200 inhabited islands, 90 with resorts and 1190 coral islands.  This is the one spot in the world that is more sea than land.


The Maldives have 3000 coral reefs with over 1000 species of fish, making this a fantastic dive and snorkel destination.  If you are looking for a really unique experience do a night dive, you will never forget it.  When you do a macro dive at night in the crystal clear waters, you are treated to visions of tiny sea creatures up close and personal.


The Maldives are also a surfing mecca, especially between June and September when the southwest monsoons bring in massive swells.  You can ride the waves to your hearts content.


The people of the Maldives are fisherman at heart and it is a passion.  Many resorts offer night fishing.  You leave from the resort before sunset while skimming the beautiful waters to find the perfect spot near a reef.  The guides will teach you about the bait, finding bait and how to fish the local waters.  Once you have the satisfaction of catching fish, you will then have the opportunity to sit on an uninhabited beach, cooking your fish over open flame.


While in the islands, try and take some time to travel to an inhabited island.  You will find tranquil fishing villages.  Interacting with the locals can be so much fun and shop for local made handcrafts.

The Maldives are not an inexpensive destination.  Food and beverages along with resort costs can be quite costly, so don’t plan on traveling here on a tight budget. The resorts offer some beautiful accommodations.  Overwater, lagoon bungalows, some with private plunge pools where you can sit and watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean.  Many offer beachfront rooms with private plunge pools. Ladders from your overwater suites take you straight to the water for snorkeling or swimming.  Transfers to many resorts from Male airport are by speed boat, so travel with minimal luggage.

Come dine in our underwater restaurant

For a truly unique dining experience head to the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, where you can sip champagne in the world’s first all glass undersea restaurant.

Visiting the Maldives also gives you the option to stop in Dubai for a few days, it is quite easy to combine the two.  Spend a few days in the city, enjoying some shopping and desert activities and then head to the Maldives for the perfect getaway.

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