Surprise! There is a winery in French Polynesia


Who knew there is a winery in French Polynesia?  If there is a winery in a destination, I will find it.  I really believe you can learn so much about a country or state through their food and wine.

Dominique Auroy Winery is on the atoll of Rangiroa and in the little village of Avatoru.  The grapes are grown on a tiny little atoll and during harvest, the grapes are actually brought over by canoe.  A friend on Rangiroa knows the winemaker and unfortunately he was on holiday while I was there, so I didn’t get to visit with him.  Oh darn,  guess I will have to go back. 

Vin de Tahiti creates white and rose’ wines only.  The soil or terroir plays such an important roll in the growing of grapes for wine.  In French Polynesia, the soil really is sand and coral, which makes winemaking a real challenge.  The vineyard sits on approximately 8 acres and produces about 40,000 bottles a year.  Most of the wine is exported.

I am not a wine snob and will drink pretty much anything.  Arriving on Rangiroa I was really excited to have my first glass of Blanc de Corail.  Our first dinner at the resort was relaxing and fun as we were joined by a friend.  Starting with appetizers and then moving on to the entree, I had a glass with my perfect bowl of mushroom risotto, the wine paired perfectly.  The Sommelier poured my first glass, yes the first glass, there were several, it was lovely. 

The color was a beautiful shade of white and gold and the aroma was crisp, fresh and delightful.  Loved it from the first sip.  My best description of the wine is that the taste was a bit of the sea and in the best way possible.  I don’t mean fishy, but very refreshing.  It would pair beautifully with a nice crisp salad with fruit or a light fish.  Really just the perfect drink on a warm day after being in the pool, or snorkeling in the lagoon.

Until I can get back to Rangiroa, I’m trying to find a bottle in my local area.  Congratulations to the winery and winemaker on a job well done.  The winery is not open to the public, but I really encourage you to try the wine, you won’t be disappointed.

See you back on Friday as we will explore Moorea.

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