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I’m back…. you know sometimes life throws us curve balls and we either let it hit us and knock us to the ground or we come out swinging.  I was thrown a curve ball and decided to swing.  Dealing with a family emergency and then was taken out for another week from some nasty bug caught while traveling, some things just had to take a back seat.  I have missed writing and hopefully inspiring you to travel.  But I am back and ready to continue traveling with you.

India, is one of those destinations that finds its way into your soul, changing you forever.  It also has been in the travel news lately in a negative way.  Unfortunately travel is down to India and women traveler’s to the country have also taken a dive too.  The attacks on women are tragic.  I recommend when planning travels always check the State Dept. travel site for warnings and travel information to certain regions.  Although, India is in the news for the attacks, when you travel don’t let your guard down, be safe and follow the same safety measures you would at home.  If you are scared to go to a destination, follow your heart, don’t go and find something else.  With that out of the way, let’s dig into India for a bit.

The Golden Triangle region in the north will allow you to visit Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. 

Delhi and its old world charm will delight.  The Chandni Chowk in Delhi, is a large open market with open cafe’s and allows you to see the culture of India. Take a historic walk through the Red Fort made with its red sandstone walls.  The fort is similar to the Forbidden City and has the same builder as the Taj Mahal.  It is extravagant and incredibly beautiful.

Jaipur, the best way to see the city is by rickshaw.  You need to take a rickshaw ride through the city streets where you will pass, buses, cars, camels and elephants.  Visit the pink colored Palace of the Winds.


Agra ~ Home to the Taj Mahal.  You will find crowds at this exquisite site, but you will find the gardens to be peaceful, tranquil and soothing to your soul.

In Mumbai, the Juhu District is the center of Bollywood film production.  Here you can visit some of the big studios, learning about India’s film culture.

 Maybe you want off the beaten path, it can be done in India.  Bengal tigers are very rare, yet you can attempt to see them in India.  Head out to the Ranthambore National Park.  You will want to stay at least 2 days to try and spot one of these majestic animals.  The best time to go is March ~ May before the monsoon season hits.

In southern India, you may want to explore the Kerala Backwaters.  You will travel by boat passing local fishermen, pearl divers through channels, passing islands and lagoons.

If you are looking for a culinary tour, visit Goa.  You will dine on fresh fish and seafood and the alcoholic drink of the region is Feni.  Distilled from either coconut sap or cashew nuts, it is typically mixed with fruit juice for a cocktail cooler.



India also has a traditional dish that is one of the best foods to eat before you die, Saag Paneer.  Made with spinach and chunks of paneer cheese and spices.  This vegetarian dish is an Indian favorite and is served with a side of warm naan bread.  The cheese in the dish doesn’t melt and maintains the consistency of tofu.

When in India, drink only bottled water.  You may want to throw in antimalarial medication and insect repellant.

If you have never been to India, this is one destination that I highly recommend going with a boutique guided vacation, or hire a private car and driver for a safe and memorable trip.

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