Bali ~ Island of the Gods


Bali means “offering” and what the island has to offer you is sun, beaches, adventure, diving, snorkeling and hiking. The island is one of over 17,000 islands that makes up Indonesia.

Bali is one of those destinations that is rich in tradition, with exquisite beaches and world class dining.  The island is surrounded by coral reefs.  The southern beaches tend to be miles of white sand.  The northern beaches and west beaches are black sand.

Ubud is located in the interior of Bali and really is the cultural heartbeat of the island.  It is known ofr its spiritual and artistic culture.  Arrangements can be made to visit the home of a local artist or experience a traditional dance performance.

The rice paddies in the Ubud area are so perfectly terraced, you almost get a feel that you have stepped into a different world.

Amed is a small, remote fishing village and is very popular with diver’s.  From here you can dive to a submerged shipwreck.

When I travel I love to experience the local culture and Bali is one of those countries that you can join in with the Balinese people to spend a day in their life.  If you travel to Tunjung, you can visit a local school or work with a farmer for the day.  Want to cook with the locals, you can join in to prepare a home cooked meal or take a hands on cooking class. 

Have you been eco trekking?  In Bayad, you can walk a bit to see incredible waterfalls, caves and the nature of the island.  Feel like planting a tree?  You can leave a little piece of yourself in Bali by planting your own tree. 


If you are up for a hike and  spectacular views.  Hike to Mt. Batur for the sunrise.  The hike starts before dawn to give you enough time to make it to the summit for the sunrise.  For even more fun, have a private breakfast at the top while watching the sun crest over the island.

For a real adventure, Bali offers some awesome white water rafting.  The country has so many gorges, valleys and untamed rivers which makes it a great rafting destination.

As I have said in the past, if there is a winery around I will find it and I did in Bali.  Indico wines is near Sanur Beach, if you walk towards the boardwalk you can’t miss it.  They have some really fine red and white wines.  The wine is also processed into beer, whiskey and cognac. 

Travel Tips:

Visa:  You will need a visa for Bali and your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after you return home.  Visa’s can be obtained upon arrival into Bali for a fee of $25.  You will need two blank pages in your passport and you must show a ticket departing Bali.  But beware that lines can be long, you may wait 2 hours or more to obtain a visa.  I would rather get the visa ahead of time and get to my vacation immediately upon landing.

Electricity is 220 volt, so pack that adapter.

Revealing clothing is unacceptable off of the beach.  Shorts are generally okay, just make sure they aren’t to short.  Shorts and tank tops are unacceptable for visiting temples and your knees and shoulders must be covered.

Find the unique and unusual and have fun.

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