Cambodian Food and Travel Tips

Food at kandal Market in Phnom PenhWhen you travel do you love to try new foods or do you prefer to eat only what is familiar to you?  One part of travel that I love is the food.  I really believe that you can learn so much about the people and culture through their food.  However, I do have limits on what I will eat.

Khmer food can be found street side to the luxury, fine dining restaurants.  The street food can be found everywhere, however some of it may not fit with your palate or your stomach.  How about grilled silkworms, roasted sparrow, or bong dia cohen which is duck embryos.  All of these dishes are considered local delicacies. 

Mainstream Khmer food that is found in the restaurants may include lok lak which is grilled cubes of meat.  Looking for some great fish, give Amok a try.  This dish is fish or meat stemaed in leaves with coconut milk.

Since there is a French influence, French bread is sold by the basketful.  Feeling a bit hungry midday and just need a pick me up snack.  Grab a loaf of French bread and pate, a traditional Cambodian snack.

Travel Tips:

To travel to Cambodia you will need a visa to enter the country.  You can get the visa online at

Wondering if you need an vaccinations?  Go to http://wwwnc.cdc/travel/destinations/cambodia.htm.  This is a great site to check to see what may be needed, or what you need as an adult that you don’t think about before you travel.

Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate, so best to visit in the winter.  November through March is the coolest and driest and a good time to plan your travel to the country.

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