Cambodia ~ Ancient Temples, Jungles and Empty Beaches





What do you think of when you consider traveling to Cambodia?  Are you interested?  Does the country intrigue you?

Cambodia is a country full of ancient temples, remote forests, rivers and near empty beaches.  The country is slowly attracting tourists and well worth a visit.

Located in Southern Cambodia, the capital city, Phnom Penh sits on the meeting of 3 rivers, the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac.  Phnom Penh is the starting point of many Mekong river cruises.  The city is a mix of Cambodian and French colonial influences.

While in Phnom Penh, you won’t want to miss the Silver Palace.  The floor is made with over 5,329 silver tiles.  The Silver Palace is located within the royal Palace compound, and both are well worth seeing.

In the central part of Phnom Penh is the Psah Thmai.  The largest market in the city, where you will find local delicacies and souveniers.  The East section along the Tonle Sap river is one with many open air restaurants and bars.  So grab a seat to sit and enjoy the cool breezes.

If you really want to experience something unusual and spectacular, visit the National Museum behind the Foreign Correspondents Club at dusk.  A huge flock of bats  will surge from the museum.

Leaving the Phnom Penh area, let’s head over to the coast on the Gulf of Thailand to Sihanoukville.  The waters in this seaside village are crystal clear and the beaches are much less crowded than neighboring countries.  You will find 5 star resorts in the small villages offering some really nice options for accommodations.  The town is a great spot for fishing and diving.

Looking for a ghost town?  Kep is not actually a ghost town but is a very small beach town.  In the 1960’s it was the premier beach town with oceanside villas.  Today the villas stand in ruins, but the town is still well known and also known for its oceanfront seafood stalls.

Next stop,  Siem Reap, the gateway to the Angkor Wat temples.  I really want to encourage you when traveling to the temples here, you hire a private guide that is also a local historian and an archaeologist, this will enhance your visit more than you know.  The complex is elaborate and there is so much to see.  When visiting you will be issued a pass with your photo and it will act as an entrance ticket.  For a great adventure and a view of the massive complex, try seeing Angkor Wat by air via a helicopter. 

In the morning, head to Bayon Wat to watch an amazing sunrise.  The animal carvings and faces look as though they are coming to life as the sun shines on them.  In the evening head to a west facing location in Angkor Wat to watch the sun go down.  Arrive early and find a quiet spot away from the crowds.





A picnic can be arranged on the grounds of Angkor Wat for a truly special experience. 

Check back on Wednesday when we will finish up with Cambodia, the food and travel tips.

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