Alaska ~ The Last Frontier




Vancouver is a great city and a destination in itself.  In the summer months, the city is also the jumping off point for many Alaska cruises.

So today we are going to set sail for Alaska, leaving Canada behind for now.  Have you cruised before, or are you one that thinks cruising is not your type of vacation?  I love cruising, it is one of those vacations that you truly can relax and with the cost of internet service and cell service, it forces everyone to unplug and I love that.  But I am not one to follow the crowds off of the ship, I like to find activities in the ports that let me really see the destination and not from the window of a motorcoach with 50 other guests.

Alaska was an amazing destination.  The scenery really does take your breath away and then you begin to wonder if the ship really is going to squeeze through the Inside Passage.

The first port of call is Juneau, Alaska, the state’s Capital.  One interesting fact about Juneau is there are no roads leading in or out.  To get to this spot you either have to come in by boat or fly in by seaplane.  As you pull into port, you are in awe of the landscape. The town is surrounded by mountains that just tower over it, and you can see waterfalls finding their way through the trees.  It is fun to stroll through town, but it tends to be a bit of a tourist trap.  Jewelry store after jewelry store.  I always want to know what is around the next corner and am not a tourist trap kind of traveler, so I encourage you to be curious too. 




Take a helicopter ride to a glacier.  you really get a chance to see the backcountry as you fly to a backcountry glacier.  Once you set down, you will be shocked as to how small you really are and how tiny the helicopter is in comparison.  Once safely down on the glacier, get out and wander, As you look into some of the cracks and holes, you will be amazed at how crystal clear the water is and such a deep color of turquoise.

Are you a foodie?  As you get off the ship, off to the side over near one of the restaurants right on the port look for a person holding a sign that says Alaska Food Tours.  They take you to several spots around town where the locals eat and you get to try authentic Alaskan dishes. 

Looking for a great place to eat, walk past the main town to The Flight Deck restaurant.  Located on Merchant’s Wharf you can watch the seaplane’s come and go as you eat.   This is where the locals eat and you can’t beat the Halibut, it is incredible. So order a Halibut sandwich, you won’t be sorry.  Looking for a cold beer, check out the Alaskan Brewery.

Pulling out of port ~ next stop Skagway, Ketchikan and points further north.

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