Turks & Caicos ~ 82 degrees and Gorgeous


Turks & Caicos is an up and coming destination in the Caribbean.  There are 40 islands and cays, eight are inhabited.  The main tourist center is Providenciales.  There are roughly 30,000 residents and about 200,000 visitors every year.

Let’s explore the islands……

Each island offers different experiences, but they all have a great climate, beaches and underwater activities. 

The North and middle Caicos are quiet, tranquil and lush with the largest cave network.

Grand Turk is the capital island and Salt Cay both offer rustic charm and some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. Here you can dive the coral walls. Smith’s Reef is a large coral reef with overhangs filled with lobsters, spider crabs, sea turtles, gian green moray eels and an abundance of tropical fish.

 Salt Cay is hardly developed and is remote. There are 2 hotels, the world’s 3rd largest reef system and is one of the top ten scuba diving locations.

South Caicos is known for its fishing and unpopulated beaches.  The Boiling Hole is an underwater passage that connects the ocean to the main salina pond on the island.  The atmosphere is of a Bohemian village with horses and donkeys wandering the streets.

In Providenciales the beaches are uniquely soft-sanded white.  Grace Bay beach is one of the most serene and is perfect for swimming and just relaxing in the sun.  Visit the Turks and Caicos museum for a 3D model of a coral reef and an interesting collection of messages in bottles that have washed ashore from all over the world.

If you are into kayaking, head to Chalk Sound National Park.  The shallow lagoon with rocky green islets and crystal turquoise water makes this the perfect spot to paddle your kayak.

Kiteboarders love to flock to Long Bay Beach and Bright beach for fun experiences.  The White House Reef is perfect for snorkeling.  Turks & Caicos also has skiff boating, jet skiing and parasailing, you will never be bored.

Some of the beaches such as Turtletail, the water is so shallow, you can easily walk to small islands off shore.

Culinary ~

Each island has its own specialties.  Conch is really popular and you will see many Conch dishes on the menus.  Lobster, fresh seafood is also abundant.  Tap water is safe to drink, but some think it has a funny taste, so you can opt for rum punch, yummy!  The rum punch in the islands is quite powerful so beware!  Dining is casual so no need for formal clothes.

Salt Cay is known for its Whelk Soup, these creatures look like snails and are found in the tropics.  Made with tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, salt and pepper, it is delicious.

North Caicos is a lush island with lots of vegetation and surprisingly grows quite a bit of produce.  You will find, sweet potatoes, okra, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet apples and sapodillas which is a tropical fruit.

South Caicos, since this island is known for its fishing, you will find lots of seafood, especially bonefish.

Looking for an ice cold beer while on the beach?  The only brewery in Turks and Caicos is the Turks Head Microbrewery, you may want to check it out and try the local brew.turkshead

It is 82 degrees, sunny and gorgeous, are you ready to go?

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