Sierra Mar, Post Ranch Inn

Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn  offers stunning, unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean and the food exquisite and is art on a plate.

The restaurant sits at the top of the hill in the middle of the accommodations offering incredible views.  We were seated at a corner table, next to the windows where we could see down the coast and out to the Pacific Ocean.

Amazing View.

The lunch menu offers a 3 course or 5 course lunch with an option for wine pairings with each course.  5 courses was too much, I would have slept the afternoon away, so we opted for the 3 course menu.

Menu for 3 course lunch.
Morro Bay Oysters with a sea bean mignonette, meyer lemon, espelette with tiny purple flowers carefully placed on each oyster.
Smoked tomato soup, served in a heated stone bowl with a sourdough crostini topped with basil, lemon and olive tapenade. Goat cheese was tucked into the middle of the soup. Spectacular.
























Main Course,

Perfectly cooked Halibut served atop mustard spatzel, braised fennel, castelvetrano olives, and a tomato vinaigrette.
Carrot Risotto with carnaroli rice, carrot puree and tarragon. The risotto was perfectly cooked and so creamy. Garnished with fresh carrot and delicate edible flowers.

The final course, dessert,

Bittersweet Chocolate with a salted pretzel ganache, sitting atop a toasted marshmallow fluff, with garden mint chocolate chip ice cream. The mint in the ice cream was fresh mint from the Chef’s garden on the property and was absolutely scrumptious.
Strawberry Shortcake. Sweet biscuits with pickled strawberries, a rose geranium cremeux with a white balsamic ice cream. The perfect bite of sweet from the biscuit and the tart from the white balsamic ice cream and pickled strawberries.

The Executive Head Chef, John Cox has created beautiful masterpieces in each dish.  He uses only fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

While we were dining, we were watching a spot in the ocean that appeared to be moving, zig-zagging up the coast and coming our direction.  Our waiter noticed us trying to figure out what was out in the water and quietly brought a pair of binoculars to the table, a very nice touch.  We watched this pod of fish slowly moving up the coast and as they got closer we could see seals in the pod feeding.  The fish were constantly moving out to sea, and then back in towards the shore trying to get away when suddenly a whale appeared in the mix.  What an experience, it is one we won’t soon forget.

If you are staying at the Inn breakfast is included daily for hotel guests.  Lunch and dinner is open to the public but only by reservation. 

The restaurant is the perfect spot for a celebration lunch or dinner.  Lunch will cost you a bit over $100 for two, add in the wine pairing and you will be mid to high $100 dollars.  The 5 course lunch is more.  Dinner will cost you quite a bit more, but so worth it for a special event or you just have money to burn.

The wine cellar houses somewhere close to 15,000 bottles, and has won several awards.

Life is short, eat well!

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