Moorea Adventure

Tahiti037Are you the type of traveler who prefers to take a tour with a guide, or simply lay on the beach and by the pool never leaving the resort or explore on your own?

I like them all, but really like exploring on my own.  You just never know what little hidden treasures you may discover that could have been easily missed.  While driving from the ferry terminal to the resort, we talked to our driver to get his favorite places and recommendations on what we should do and see.  We wanted to experience the island as much like a local as we could.

Couldn’t resist laying by the pool and kayaking, but driving Moorea sounded like an adventure not to be missed, is was so much fun.

Picked up a car at the hotel for 4 hours and off we go.  Driving the island was extremely easy.  Just watch your speed zones and the occasional chicken strutting across the small two lane highway and then you will be fine.  I recommend you take the road to the Belevedere lookout, the road twists and turns like a snake and eventually you will end up at the lookout.  The views are breathtaking and never ending.  You can see both bays and Tahiti from the lookout. 


Heading back down the mountain, the next stop is the juice factory.  They will pour samples of the liqueurs and fresh tropical fruit juices made at the factory.  There are some little shops, pareo shops, roadside eateries to enjoy and explore.  Stop at one of the many beaches to put your feet in the water, beautiful churches to photograph or pick up some local fruits at a roadside stand.

Have fun and enjoy the moment, it really is a fun adventure and the people you meet along the way adds to the experience.

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