Chateau du Sureau, Pure European Elegance

Gates to ParadiseDo you have a hotel bucket list?  Places that intrigue you and you just have to go?  Chateau du Sureau is one of those places for me.  After reading about the owner Erna, her life and the serene inn she has created, I knew someday I had to go.

Erna has created a magical Chateau full of European elegance and charm.  Located in Oakhurst, California, just outside of Yosemite National Park, along with a 5 star restaurant.

From the moment the huge iron gates are opened to greet you,

you will feel as though you have landed in Europe, we did.  We were welcomed at the front of the Chateau by two staff members who were warm, friendly and ready to help.  After choosing which bags  were going to our room, one took the bags to the room while the other young woman gave us a tour of this magnificent Chateau.

Stepping inside, immediately your soul will feel a peaceful calm,  the entire Chateau is decorated with antiques chosen for each spot, comfy sofas and chairs to lounge, it is incredible.  We were taken to the kitchen, breakfast room, and the library where you will find books, books, and more books, places to cozy up with a good book or play a game.  The beautiful alcove streaming rays of light over the piano lends of feeling of stepping into someone’s private home.   We are then taken to our room, Wow….. we could stay forever.









Sitting area in the room









Fireplace in room

















View from the room
View from the room








Within a few minutes Ann comes to find us carrying a polished silver tray lined with linens and  refreshments of, ice tea and a plate for each of us with a bruschetta type sandwich and two mini chocolate chip cookies.

Asking if she can make our dinner reservations,  we sit on the patio surrounded by flowers, tables with European linens and the sound of birds giving us our own private concert.

Back in our room, we find this little treasure,

Little cake on the fireplace.
Little cake on the fireplace.








In talking with the staff, who by the way are great.  Everyone we met was eager to help, and make sure that your stay is perfect.  We learned the history of the Chateau.  Erna Kubin-Clanin had a dream and she made it come true.  Arriving from Europe, Erna worked her way to the west coast, where she opened Erna’s Elderberry House restaurant in Yosemite National Park, she gained a loyal fan base and earned high tributes and awards.  In the mid 80’s, the park did not renew her lease and awarded the park concessions to another company. Leaving the restaurant building standing empty to this day.  Erna then moved to Oakhurst and opened Erna’s Elderberry House.

 People would travel from all over to dine at her restaurant and would ask her where they could stay, Aha….with her drive and determination she had another dream and worked to create Chateau du Sureau.  Sureau in french means Elderberry, how appropriate, the Estate of the Elderberry was created.  She attended to every detail with her vision to create a true European style inn with exquisite antiques and true European service.

Before dinner we strolled the beautiful grounds and found a Koi pond, giant chess board, swings, benches and tranquility.

After dinner, we stroll back to our room, where we find little boxes of chocolate on each pillow, and soft music playing.  We are full, happy and relaxed as we head off to a peaceful sleep.

Breakfast the next morning was again, amazing.  Back out on the patio, we were treated to juices, hot coffee and tea along with fresh brioche, croissants and creamy butter with fresh jams.  Breakfast was a beautiful crepe filled with scrambled egg, delicate truffles sitting atop a creamy and smooth truffle sauce.  They also offer fruits, cheeses and meats.  It was again, Mmmmm great! Melt in your mouth perfection.

Breakfast.  Crepe filled with scrambled egg, shaved truffles on top of a creamy warm truffle sauce.
Breakfast. Crepe filled with scrambled egg, shaved truffles on top of a creamy warm truffle sauce.











Dinner was an experience in itself and deserves it’s own blog post, so check back in a few days and I will do my best to walk you through a perfect meal.

We loved every minute we were here.  I guess I can check this off my bucket list, well…. maybe not, I think I need to go back and I look forward to our next stay.



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