Belize ~ Adventurers Paradise

Sunburst over Belize

Do you love scuba diving, snorkeling, cave tubing, zipline experiences, exploring Mayan temples, fishing, and hiking in the tropical rainforest?  Then Belize is a destination you may want to explore, it really is an adventurer’s paradise.

Belize is one of those destinations that is perfect if you want to snorkel or scuba for a couple of days and then explore the other days.  It is also a great honeymoon destination. There is so much to do.


The barrier reef off the coast of Belize is the longest in the Western Hemisphere.  It is not as long as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, but it is really impressive.  The reef has a very complex ecosystem.  Once Jacques Cousteau called the Blue Hole one of the four “must dive” sites on the planet, diver’s have been coming and tourism to Belize has increased.  The Blue Hole is 500 feet deep and offers an amazing dive experience.  The water is stunning and clear as glass.  You can see coral gardens, sharks, manta rays, green moray eels and dolphins to name a few.  If you have the time and want a unique dive experience book a night dive.

There are many Cayes off the coast of Belize, if you are looking to dive and snorkel quite a few days of your vacation, stay on Ambergris Cay.  It is the most popular cay with great restaurants and a really fun nightlife.  Located right on the barrier reef, you are close for all diving and snorkeling trips.  Ambergris Cay has some really nice options for accommodations and great dive tour operators.

Fishing off of Ambergris Cay is fabulous, there is a charge for the fishing license and you will fish for Tarpon, Bonefish and Pompano.

Tired of being in the water, you can climb a 1500 year old Mayan structure in the rainforest.  Do some cave tubing where you will join a few others to hop on an inner tube and explore the underground rivers and head inside the caves.


A really incredible option is to go to the Jaguar Encounter at the Belize Zoo.  While having the opportunity to meet the jaguar, the guides will take you to a spot where you can pet the jaguar and if you look up, he will lick your head and face.  Now when will you have the chance to ever do this again.  I have clients just back from Belize and this was the highlight of their trip, besides the incredible diving.


Dining in Belize will find you trying the stewed chicken with rice and beans, served with plantains and maybe a little potato salad.  The local foods you will find on the island are seafood, fried chicken and rice and bean dishes.  Try a Panades, they are deep fried patties and are typically stuffed with fish.  Lobster can be found on the island and it is somewhat inexpensive, but is only available during lobster season, which runs from mid-June to mid February.

Looking for a local brew?  Belikin is the beer of Belize.  Brewed here since 1971, they offer seasonal ales and a nice lager and stout.  You will also find a version of Guinness Stout,  a different version of the Irish stout.



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